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Who is Vanessa Pattison?

A creative and powerful spirit who truly loves others and wants above all people to heal, love, laugh and grow. The hats I wear are Daughter, Sister, friend, student, teacher, wife, Mom, business woman and writer of my own story, soon to be a famous motion picture (in my mind anyway).

Children aside, what are some things about yourself that you are proud of?

That I have this strength inside of me that I have known since I was a little girl. I know my boundaries and hold sacred a connection to an internal ethics code that I do not break or allows others to break. I am proud to be living a life that helps more than it harms. I am super proud of Zen Yoga Nicaragua. I do not know how I lived before it because it brings me that much joy.

I am also ‘Heart Explodes out of your chest’ proud of my two boys. They are good little guys who are happy and smart and perfect, of course they are mine! We likely all feel that way about our kids. But, when I fly with them and passengers compliment me about how well behaved they are I feel very proud of that. I know that one of my goals in raising them was that people enjoy being around them.

When your children grow up, what do you hope they admire the most about you.

That I lived my passion. That I was kind to others. That I created a home and life that was safe, joyful and stable for them to express themselves and become their highest self. That I loved their Dad and in that they felt more love too. Hoping that this will spill into their selection of a wife one day, that they are attracted to women who treat them well. I know this is important raising boys. It is something that I am aware of and cultivating more, simply loving my hubby up more, nothing makes the boys smile bigger then when I kiss their daddy! What I hope they get from this is that I loved their Dad but never lost myself in the process.

 Tell us about your choice to live and raise your children in Nicaragua?

They were both born here it is all they have known. For my husband and myself it is right for this moment. If it ever stops serving us we will make a change. There is just a simplicity to raising children here and a deeper connection to the family in a way. Less distraction and more creation.

As a successful business woman, how do you juggle the “family, work,  self” challenge?

It is a balancing act for all mother’s surely. Finding balance is always my goal. With practice I can find a rhythm that works for us. Sometimes it tweaks off balance but I feel it and swing it back. I feel better and more capable of parenting when I am still connected to myself. When I practice yoga or teach a class it fills up my well so I can love my kids more and be more present and patient. When I take care of myself it allows me to have more gratitude for them and their energy. I feel blessed to have the support I have in Nicaragua, I am keenly aware that if it were not for this support my life would not be as blissful. Having a helper assist me with household chores and child care creates an ease to my life that can not be understated. If I did not have my helper, Cristell it would be so much more difficult. I have no problem taking time for a massage or glass of wine with a girlfriend, it is good for the soul. I want my boys to work hard and create but to also relax and enjoy. I think I am showing an example of this.

HipMum is about being real and acknowledging that we’re not perfect. (and being at peace with that) What’s your weak point?

Goodness, I am sure there are many. Seems like a question we could get a better answer to asking my husband or family. I feel it is easier to see other’s weak points than our own which is why they are our weak points. I know I could be more organized, it does not come easy for me but I enjoy being organized. It makes me feel calmer more sane when I have things in there place and order in my life. I also strive to not sweat the small stuff and be more fully tuned into the present moment. I could be better at letting go and surrendering to the flow of life. Letting others lead.

What is something you know for sure?

That I am blessed.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to your 17 year old self?  

I am trying to remember her. My 17 year old self. I guess I would tell her the same thing I am still trying to learn now. That you are enough. Be yourself. Don’t worry what others think. Do your best and that is good enough.  Listen to others and really hear them. Breathe.


Vanessa Pattison currently resides in San Juan del Sur and is the founder of Zen Yoga –

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