NPH – a home for abused and abandoned children



If you’d like to get involved in supporting an orphanage who is doing an incredible job at providing a home and community to 275 abused/abandoned children then look no further.

The kids at NPH were actually my inspiration for packing up our whole family and moving to Nicaragua after visiting them on a service trip with my kids last summer.   (read about that

The children at NPH Nicaragua blew us away.  They are the most respectful, kind, caring, loving, thoughtful and happy little souls despite their sad and often tragic family circumstances.

Unlike you’d expect when visiting an orphanage, I did not feel sorry for these children. I felt sorry for their parents who are missing out on these incredible spirits. I didn’t feel like ‘saving the world’ for them by finding a way to get them out of Nicaragua and taking them to a better life in America or Australia.

I do however feel compelled to spread the word and create awareness and support for this organization so they can continue doing the great work of providing for this children.

NPH are providing them with a loving family/community, a solid education (including college), Christian values, structure and responsibility. It is so clear that these children, who have been abandoned from their own families, are growing up to be exactly what I dream of for my own children – to be positive, loving, respectful, grateful and compassionate citizens who will leave the world a better place.

Since living in Nicaragua the kids and I visit the kids weekly and love being involved in their lives. It means so much to the kids to have a sponsor and sponsorship money also allows NPH to continue to provide opportunities for so many children.

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