Love is the Color of a Rainbow

Since I was four years old I have always known I wanted to write a story and not just a story for me but a story for the world and in a book! And not just any story but a story that would change the way people of all ages would view nature’s world. I wanted to make a difference in how people of all ages saw nature through the eyes of a child.

Through the eyes of a child there is innocence, quietness, unconditional love for all of natures gifts.

As a child myself I would sit for hours writing stories on how nature could speak to us if only we listened. Often my writings were about fairies and butterflies in gardens of sunflowers-lupines and poppies where each spoke of their world, the world of nature. I remember the first time watching Dr. Doolittle and thinking, that’s me, I love to talk to the animals and the animals talk to me. I remember as I got older those stories still near in my heart is when I began writing once more about children in the garden as I had been exploring and listening to the ever present beauty of nature speaking to me then and now.

In sixth grade I started to share these stories with a girl who was in the Special Needs Classroom next door, who I will call Willow. Willow had been blind since birth and each  day I went to assist her with her Braille reading (which I might add she so wanted me to learn, but I never did). She would sit flitting her tiny fingers over the bumps in the thin translucent paper at rapid speed and I would pencil scratch my stories just as furiously.

One day she asked me “What are you writing?” I told her I like to write stories about nature and she asked me to read them to her. She would delight in my story making and I would delight in her listening. We spent many a lunch hour eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as I read my nature stories.

One day out of the blue Willow took out her pear from her lunch bag, and said “I wish I knew what my pear looked like.”  “Kathy” she asked “what does a pear look like?” I started describing how it’s green on the outside when she asked, “What does green look like?” I knew then and there I was to take her in nature to share what the pear looked like, so I took her under a beautiful mulberry tree on the schoolyard as she stood under the tree I took her hand and let her feel the green leaves. I said “These are leaves and they are green and it is the same color as the outside of the pear.” She replied “Oh it is smooth-warm”  I ran her hand over the branch to which would be the sense of the stem of the pear and explained that this was  the stem and it is a brownish green. “Oh” she said, “this too feels smooth yet strong, yes-yes!”

I was excited that she was associating the feel-sense of what I was sharing in a feeling sense, putting feelings to the colors, then I took her to the sand box and ran her fingers through the sand. I explained the inside of the pear is a soft white color yet as you bite into the pear there is just a bit of grit. She ran her fingers through the sand, then taking a bite of pear, she said “Oh it feels like life, like it has energy – when I feel the sand and then bite the pear I feel life-energy!”

Needless to say Willow quickly began to associate most everything in her daily life with a feeling for a color, she even made up her own colors! Willow often told me I was like a lot of colors put together, saying that all those colors were love.

In that short amount of time that we spent together I was grateful for her friendship and she for mine. I think we both knew it was transient and as they say a reason, season or a lifetime Willow moved and I went on to Junior High, but my love for those interactions and my love for nature have continued into my own daily life-living with my own children.


I have encouraged my children to reverence a love for nature, whether it is sitting in the beauty of a flower budding or blooming, to the intricate web of spider, to the hummingbird sipping nectar, or just the simple pleasure of a tree swaying in the wind or delightful joy in all the colors of a rainbow. Nature is one of our greatest teachers as are our children and as a mother I feel if we take a moment in time to listen to nature and our children we will know that in our own senses of all of which we encompass is simply this: “When we look through the eyes of a child the world becomes what it always is and has been, Love.”


– Kathy Parra

Love is the Color of a Rainbow, a unique children’s nature book written by author and mother of 3,  KathyParra.

Willow, a little girl who has been blind since birth hears pit-pats of the first summer rain, she quickly encourages her Mama to go outside, Mama shares all the colors of a rainbow with Willow through nature, there Willow experiences that “Love is the Color of a Rainbow.”

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  1. Diane Buccheri said...

    It’s a beautiful story, one children and adults alike delight in.

    Oct 20, 2011 at 9:52 am
  2. Sharon said...

    Your story brought tears to my eyes.

    Oct 22, 2011 at 7:38 am
    • Kathy said...

      Sharon, Ah..tender thoughts of love…dolphin love..Kathy

      Oct 24, 2011 at 5:37 pm
  3. Kathy said...

    Diane, I could not have done it without you!…Eternal Gratitude…..

    Oct 24, 2011 at 5:36 pm

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