Our Journey

Our Journey

I’ve always found inspiration in the developing world where the pace is slow and the people have so little. Usually it’s the strength and resilience in the women that I admire the most. However on a recent trip to Central America I have been changed forever by a group of children – many of them teenagers!! In fact the most respectful, thoughtful , smart, gentle and happy teens I’ve ever come across. Not a lick of attitude amongst them! “Who are their parents?” you ask. No parents, just an amazing organization and a lot of love and structure. As many of you know each summer [...]

Why I created HipMum

Why I created HipMum

I believe women in general are extraordinary, but mothers (not to blow my own trumpet) never cease to amaze me. As the proud mother of four incredible little people (ages 11,9,6, and 4) I understand the meaning of selflessness. Like most families, there is never a dull moment in our house. I’m constantly wishing I had more time to spend with each child and more time to myself. And I wish my bathroom felt less like a highway! Regardless of whether we’ve chosen to work from home, climb the corporate ladder, start a business or stay home with the kids – mothers are the busiest [...]

Camp out

September 20, 2011

Last night was hot. Well actually most nights are hot but last night we decided to have a camp-out on our balcony. Instead of listening to the roar of the fans in our rooms we all worked hard at rearranging the outdoor furniture to construct the perfect camp fit for 4 kids and a mum. Tucked snug under the mosquito nets, it rained all night which was beautiful and cool.  We all had fun watching the fireflies and listening to the frogs croaking and crickets chirping.  As I watched my 4 babies sleep I was swept up by a wave of gratitude to be sharing this adventure with them.

Apart from Delilah waking during the night and pulling down the net, we all slept soundly. Not sure when they started but the roosters were in full force at 3am!! A few things were a bit wet in the morning and it was an early early start with Matty shouting ‘wake up everyone’. Lots of coffee today.

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