When circumstances disappoint, change your perspective

Raised in a family of reluctant artists, I fought hard not to be weird or artful. In my early years, it was met with feelings of failure and frustration. Artistry was practiced but discriminated against because of its innate impracticalities. I however, broke out of that system of reasoning because I realized in order to achieve contentment I needed to change, embellish, paint, sew on, take away from, or add to anything that dared come into my world. If, along the way the desire that was born in you gets suppressed, it will awaken at some point. No need to long for it. I believe that anyone, and I mean EVERYONE has the ability to break out of their “beige boxes. I like to facilitate and encourage this at all times. 

At ten, looking up at a curtain rod with little brass rings holding up my mom’s “beige” drapes, it rang a “jewelry” bell in my head. First I raided my grandma’s button box. Then convincing my dad that I would save money on Christmas gifts by making rings for my friends, he conceded and took me to the hardware store… I bought several bags of brass rings, tiny ceramic tiles, and flat little glass pieces. They were lovely and came in every color of a puree. My mind raced and suddenly I wished I had more fingers. And more friends. I went home with my treasures and that day I made 63 rings. Like it or not, anyone in my small circle became a gypsy. A ring for every finger. Fast forward 46 years, a whole lot of missed opportunities, some successes, and ever changing learning curves of which I’m still climbing. I’ve decided it would never be a good idea to “arrive”. Taking all my love of design, color, mostly color, metal. beads. and raw materials I am in jewelry heaven. Sometimes hell. For now I am content making embellishments for the neck…donna leota




To read more about Donna and her journey as a woman and mother of 3 see her interview http://www.hipmum.com/2011/07/donna-leota-the-woman-behind-the-mother/

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